Changes to w2xp sceneries

For European countries there were up to 6 versions available, too much for beginners. Now there is only one version, which should fit all needs, it combines the speed of sd version with the quality of hd/ihd version. Some users reported much better fps than hd/ihd. 🙂

There is also a new file “W2xp World-models Ext-LOD” available, some errors were eliminated, the LOD for included objects is set from 4/5,000 to 12,000 to match the LOD of 18,000 of the new version better. Still the old (original) file is available. If you have problems with the ext-LOD version, switch to the old “W2xp World-models“.

Have fun flying! 🙂

New w2xp sceneries (0.7.1) available

W2XP Sceneries for X-Plane 10.30+

The sceneries will ONLY work on X-Plane 10.30+, they are available in different versions to fit best to your needs. Files end up with osm-only, osm+autogen, hd – this means:


buildings are generated as facades, other objects like wind turbines and some autoplaced objects, but without smart exclusions, so you will see no autogen, only buildings and objects from OSM, suitable for low to mid-end PCs or IFR flying


like osm-only, but with smart exclusions, so you will additionally see autogen objects where not enough OSM data is available, suitable for low to mid-end PCs or IFR flying


OSM buildings are generated as objects where suitable, smart exclusions for low OSM data regions, suitable for high-end PCs or VFR flying


like hd, but without bushes, trees and buildings at airports and with original, no streets and powerline (and gondolas) are generated by w2xp, thus the from sceneries below is used


like hd, but without smart exclusions and x-plane autogen, low OSM data regions are filled with own autogen objects along streets

European countries are available in osm-ag and hd, some countries additionally in osm and xd. Other continents are available in osm-ag.

Have fun flying! 🙂

New w2xp sceneries (0.6.0) available

The newly generated w2xp ready-made sceneries for all European countries are now available for download. XP 10.30 or higher NEEDED!

There are 2 versions: SD version with reduced objects and LOD of 10 km for facades and HD version with LOD of 18 km, and many smaller objects as parked cars and caravans, tractors, fire hydrants, bus stops, haylofts, shrub/hedgerows, sheeps and so on.

The performance of the SD version should be 30% better than HD, depending on your hardware, sceneries, aircraft, settings.

You have to install all necessary libraries and world-models_beta6.0 (just copy all to Custom Scenery folder), and to adjust your scenery_packs.ini after installation. Please refer to READ_BEFORE_INSTALLATION.txt in the download folder.

Have fun flying! 🙂

Screenshots World2XPlane b4

Screenshots showing photo sceneries ZL17 and osm sceneries made with World2XPlane beta4.