VFR addons

VFR Addons provide you with addons especially for VFR pilots, improving realism in VFR flights. These addons are best used together with w2xp and orthographic sceneries.

VFR objects

Guenther Kremps VFR objects made of Sketchup 3-D Gallery are hosted here. Preference for VFR flights to increase the realism of the landscape.


Airport EDQH Herzogenaurach

This is a conversion from a fsx scenery made by Holger Janssen I had reworked with WED and OE for XP10/11. Herzogenaurach is the GA airport NW of Nuremberg, Germany.

Download all at VFR addons

w2xp Europe mix update

There is an update of w2xp_Europe_mix ready to download. Especially in some countries OSM data increased a lot, for example in Switzerland as you see on the screenshot.

w2xp Europe v16.11 CH_Flims

Changelog v16.11

  • actualised with OSM data Nov 2016 (+15%)
  • increased performance depending on hardware
  • eliminated trees in areas like stadiums, tennis courts etc.
  • osm only in countries DE, AT, CH, FR, BENELUX and adjacent tiles,
    outside osm combined with autogen objects
  • other minor improvements
  • compatible with X-Plane 11

Compatibility with X-Plane 11


The public beta of X-Plane 11 has arrived, first flights and tests show that all sceneries and libraries available here on this website are fully compatible with X-Plane 11.

All you have to do is simply copy your sceneries and libraries from “…/X-Plane 10/Custom Scenery/ “to “…/X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery/” and after starting XP11, adjust the entries of scenery_packs.ini to the recommended order.

Have fun using SimHeaven sceneries and X-Plane 11! 🙂