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The Europe Library by LyAvain adds European style objects to your X-Plane 10. Only in Europe, outside XP10 will remain the same.

This is Europe_Library v1.0 for X-Plane 10 made by LyAvain Swansong

- -  NO commercial use of any part of this library!!!  - -

It changes some US elements of X-Plane 10 to European style elements:

  • European signs
  • European cars and trains
  • European houses
  • less trees in areas with small houses
  • houses are optimised for the use with photo sceneries
  • active only in Europe, outside you will have standard (US) objects


You can change the area where this European style elements are shown by changing line 6 of library.txt, which now is like this:

REGION_RECT -15 35 45 80 (West South East North)


  • uwespeed for the European vehicles and his advice
  • PilotBalu for building the library
  • Mroe for helping me on autogen files
  • R2 team for developing European buildings and houses
  • Austin Meyer for allowing the use of buildings made by Laminar Research


You need R2_Library to be installed, as some objects are used!

Just copy the content of the folder "Europe_Library" to custom scenery folder.

To deinstall, delete this folder from custom scenery



  • initial version