OSM sceneries

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These OSM sceneries are outdated (2014)! Better try and use the new w2xp sceneries. OSM sceneries are only recommended for low-end hardware.

This scenery contains buildings, forests and 3D objects, it also has

buildings and forests with inner yards (based on multipolygons/osm relations)

and smart exclusions to mix osm and autogen buildings without penetration.

Open Street Map (OSM) sceneries are made of open street map data with a tool named osm2xp, which is available for different OS 32/64bit. OSM data is published regularely e.g. at geofabrik.de, where it can be downloaded and processed. Most OSM data is converted into a scenery file.

Various settings influence the result. Newest osm sceneries have smart exclusions, i.e. if osm data is available, autogen is excluded – only for these areas. So they can’t penetrate each other. Additionally multi polygons are processed, showing now larger forests and buildings with inner yards. And some improvements where made on objects and facade set.

For Europe are two different conversions available:

  • with osm only (Osm_Europe_osm+only), that means no autogenerated scenery will be displayed. Also take this if you’ve performance issues
  • with added autogen (Osm_Europe), that means both osm AND autogen data will be displayed, this needs a high-end computer with VRAM ≥ 3 GB if your setting are extreme. For this version you should also install “Europe_Library”!

All other continents have osm and autogen objects separated by smart exclusions.


IMPORTANT: You must have OpenSceneryX installed as it is used for forests and objects!!!

Just copy this folder (Osm_...) into custom scenery folder of X-Plane 10. Be sure your sceneries in scenery_packs.ini found in custom scenery folder have following order, from top to bottom, see scenery_packs.ini :

  1.   own airports (e.g. 'YSSY Sydney')
  2.   original XP10 airports (e.g. 'Aerosoft - LPFR Faro')
  3.   regional sceneries (e.g. Landmarks Germany)
  4.   OSM sceneries (e.g. THIS scenery)
  5.   addons (e.g. UrbanMaxxExtreme)
  6.   libraries (e.g. OpenSceneryX)
  7.   photorealistic sceneries (e.g. from simHeaven.com)
  8.   HD mesh files



This X-Plane 10 scenery was generated with

  • - osm data of openstreetmap.org Feb 2014
  • - downloaded at http://download.geofabrik.de/
  • - using Osm2xp 2.03, programmed by Benjamin Blanchet (see below),
  • - multiosm2xp by Henry Favretto <ecm@gmx.ch> and Armin Sendner,
  • - enhanced facade set modified by Pascal Lachat <pascallachat@bluewin.ch>
  • - several tools, batch files and... a lot of hours and brain. :)