w2xp sceneries XP10

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w2xp sceneries are sceneries based on osm data, which nearly show buildings and objects like it is in reality. Best used with orthographic sceneries. Sceneries are available for each continent: Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania. They don't include net stuff like roads, power lines etc., this will used from the next terrain scenery below, probably standard XP scenery or HD Mesh Scenery if installed.

This is the normal version with smart exclusions included to allow autogen objects where OSM data is poor. For Europe it is a mixed version between the normal and the osm version of Europe. Osm version is used in BENELUX, D, A, CH and F and the adjacent tiles where OSM data is pretty good. Outside of the osm area is the normal version with smart exclusions and additional autogen objects used.


To get this scenery running you need to install these libraries:

copy the content of the archive to your custom scenery folder. If you have problems to extract the archive, please check the file size, maybe the download wasn't finished.

After starting and closing X-Plane, adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer to FAQ: https://simheaven.com/faq/



  • actualised with OSM data Dec 2016
  • increased performance depending on hardware
  • eliminated trees in areas like stadiums, tennis courts etc.
  • other minor improvements
  • compatible with X-Plane 11


  • osm only in countries DE, AT, CH, FR, BENELUX and adjacent tiles, outside osm combined with autogen objects