VFR Objects (GK)

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New: VFR-GK_+51+013_Dresden VFR-GK_+50+014_Zittau VFR-GK_+50+013_Freiberg VFR-GK_+51+014_Goerlitz VFR-GK_+48+012_Landshut-Passau VFR-GK_+53+013_Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Updated: VFR-GK_+51+006_Ruhrgebiet-West_v3.7z VFR-GK_+51+007_Ruhrgebiet-Ost.7z

Done by Günther Kremp. This scenery uses objects from the Sketchup 3-D Gallery. A big thanks to all creators of these objects. Preference for VFR flight in order to increase the realism of the landscape.

This is freeware, but if you like my work of further processing and preparation for X-Plane you can make a donation via https://paypal.me/GuentherKremp


It is very important to read the readme for installation! You must have installed the



  • added night textures


  • Buildings with the black textures, which were visible only at the approach, were fixed with missing MipMaps. Many .dds files were compressed from DXT5 to DXT 1, which promises a minimal performance advantage.


  • initial release