VFR Addons

Add-ons for VFR sim-pilots, improving realism in VFR flights, having mainly sightseeing objects inside. These add-ons are best used together with simHeavens continental packages and orthographic sceneries. Not recommended if you have performance problems.

VFR add-ons (3)

VFR Objects (GK)

"Tipp der Redaktion" FS Magazin 1/2020 Updated: VFR-GK_+47+007_Schwarzwald-West_3.1.7z VFR-GK_+48+009_Stuttgart_3.1 VFR-GK_+47+008_Schwarzwald-Ost_3.1 VFR-GK_+48+011_Muenchen_3.1 VFR-GK_+52+013_Berlin_3.1 VFR-GK_+49+006_Trier_3.1 VFR-GK_+48+012_Landshut-Passau_3.1 VFR-GK_+52+008_Bielefeld_3.1 VFR-GK_+53+009_Hamburg_3.1 VFR-GK_+53+007_Nordseekueste_2.0.2 VFR-GK_+49+011_Erlangen_2.1 VFR-GK_+51+013_Dresden_3.1.1 VFR-GK_+50+006_Cologne_3.1 Done by Günther Kremp. This scenery uses objects from the Sketchup 3-D Gallery. A  

VFR sceneries (BM)

Packages are generated from the Sketchup 3-D Gallery by Björn Meier (Meier77) , focussing on countries which are listed below.  

EDQH Herzogenaurach

Herzogenaurach EDQH is a airport for general aviation located northwest of Nuremberg EDDN. More information at http://www.flugplatz-herzogenaurach.de/ (in German) This  
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