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X-WORLD continues for X-Plane 12 the successful and high quality sceneries for X-Plane 11 like X-Europe, X-America and so on. Objects are not set by an autogen rule, they are set  following OSM data in addition with Microsoft building footprints, which leads to a more realistic look and feel.

X-WORLD is a series of scenery packages covering the whole world, each continental package is separate available:

  • X-World_Africa, X-World_America, X-World_Antarctica, X-World_Asia, X-World_Australia-Oceania, X-World_Europe

Download is 9.0 GB, extracted 18.3 GB


  1. copy all 9 folders from the archive to the "Custom Scenery" folder,
  2. after starting and ending X-Plane, you need to adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer manual page 6 for details.

"simHeaven_X-World_Vegetation_Library” has to be installed!



  • 0-exclusions exclusions at EDDM LEAL LZPP EDGY EGKK EGNV corrected
  • 1-vfr churches near EDQA added - doubled church in Ulm Germany removed - new objects in Dresden and Freiberg Germany
  • 2-regions regional house objects don't show in water
  • 4-extras tile +57+012 fixed - boats at piers appear only in water
  • 5-footprints regenerated (OSM + footprints data Nov 22th 2022) - wrong house objects don't show in water
  • 6-scenery regenerated (OSM data Nov 22th 2022) - church_26x47x65.obj added
  • 7-forests tile +56+015 fixed - some tiles updated
  • 8-network powerline_tower_tall.obj rights Mac/Linux corrected


  • 0-exclusions +49+010 (EDQH) corrected
  • 5-footprints regenerated and optimized
  • 6-scenery regenerated, OSM data Oct 8th 2022 - boats on land eliminated


  • 0-exclusions layer added to avoid buildings at airports
  • 5-footprints regenerated, less buildings in water

1.0 initial release