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Covers the continent Africa, download is 2.1 GB, extracted 4.7 GB


Copy folders to Custom Scenery, after starting XP11 adjust position of the 6 new entries.

If you don't have X-EUROPE installed, you need to download and install "simHeaven Vegetation Library"


v1.2 - all layers completely new - 3-extras randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced - 4-scenery crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added - cooling towers in 4 sizes

v1.0.4 - fixed corrupt tile +06-006.dsf in 1-vfr

v1.0.3 - corrected errors in tiles of 5-forests due to OSM errors

v1.0.2 - corrected library for a better performance

v1.0.1 - added world region to library to prevent errors outside the defined region