EDQH Herzogenaurach

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Herzogenaurach EDQH is a airport for general aviation located northwest of Nuremberg EDDN. More information at http://www.flugplatz-herzogenaurach.de/ (in German)

This scenery is a conversion from a FSX scenery made by Holger Janssen (holger_fsx (a) freenet.de) with his permission to convert and publish as freeware for X-Plane. The scenery was made with photo material made by myself, after conversion I have reworked with WED and OE to fit best to XP10/XP11. Some objects from OpenSceneryX library were added and exclusions set to fit to OSM and W2XP sceneries.


Copy folder to 'custom scenery' folder of X-Plane. **** OpenSceneryX library has to be installed ****



  • adopted for XP11
  • added taxi routes
  • X-Life support
  • reworked orthos
  • ajusted png of Reha-Klink


  • ugly triangles from conversion deleted
  • airport textures in ZL20 added


  • initial release