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X-EUROPE is the scenery package for X-Plane 10/11 having these main features:

  • uses OSM data to ensure the most realistic view
  • including Microsoft building footprints
  • configurable library system to change/add objects easily
  • special objects in the Alps region, Northern Germany, UK/Ireland, Norway/Scandinavia, Greece and Mediterranean
  • 3D warehouse objects
  • splitted forests at motorways and railways for OSM areas
  • many new objects are generated
  • 8 different layers

Note: Download size is 9.3 GiB, extracted 19.6 GiB of disk space needed, extract archive using 7-Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (MacOS X) or XArchiver (Linux).

You need the Vegetation Library!!


  1. Delete older versions.
  2. then copy the content of the archive (8 folders) to your custom scenery folder.
  3. After starting and ending X-Plane, adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer to the manual.

You need the Vegetation Library!!

If you are using ortho sceneries you may change the library.txt in layer 6-scenery (see manual).

And please read the Manual.

Fixes will be published at https://simheaven.com/faq/



  • layers 5,6,7 regenerated (OSM + footprints data Mar 8th 2023)
  • 5-footprints objects from quarries removed - objects from water parks removed
  • 6-scenery better processing of building parts - building complexes have the same facades - textures for pools improved
  • 7-forests forests near airports are back - tile +50+006 fixed


  • 1-vfr exclusions at EDVY added
  • 5-footprints buildings in Rhine river south of EDDL removed - building south of EGLC removed
  • 8-network tile exclusions in some tiles corrected - missing aerials like lifts, gondolas are back


  • 7-forests OSM version (default): tile exclusions fixed
  • 8-network tile exclusions fixed


  • all layers regenerated (OSM + footprints data Feb 16th 2023)
  • 0-exclusions layer removed
  • 1-vfr churches in +51+007 improved - church in Hammerfest Norway corrected - Pisa tower Italy fixed - ships at Lindau German removed - Notre Dame de la Garde at Marseille France added - Veste coburg Germany added - doubled objects removed - objects also included in X-Plane 12 Landmarks deleted - exclusions for airports removed
  • 4-extras new: biergarten added - new: cemetery added - sailing boats at lakes removed - more trees along residential streets added - vegetation at parks improved
  • 5-footprints objects from airports removed - objects in sea removed - objects in inland water removed - objects from beaches removed - objects from camping sites removed - objects from allotments removed - objects from solar fields removed - objects from roads and railways removed - double objects to layer 6-scenery removed
  • 6-scenery objects from airports removed - smoother distribution across World Objects Density levels - textures for soccer fields and tennis courts improved
  • 8-network missing roads are back