XP11 Sceneries

Please read the information below and the ReadMe of downloaded files carefully as it helps me to give a better support to users having real problems. Refer also to FAQ95 % of the normal questions are answered below, so don’t miss to read it. šŸ˜‰

Sceneries for X-Plane 11

    these are the recommended continental packages for X-Plane11, having already VFR-Landmarks and VFR-Aerials inside. Brings fantastic and stunning look to XP11. The quality is depending on available OSM data. The Vegetation Library has to be installed, no other libraries needed.    


    Coverage of continental packages

  • Vegetation Library
    This is the global simHeaven vegetation library, needed for continental packages like X-EUROPE, X-AFRICA, X-AMERICA, X-ASIA or X-AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA. Type of vegetation is set according to 5 different climate zones. The season can be changed via the SAM plugin, also the density could be changed from normal (default) to dense.
  • X-EUROPE Seasons
    This package is changing all buildings of X-EUROPE to a special winter look by using the SAM plugin.
  • X-EUROPE Details
    No extra download available, this package is now included in X-EUROPE 5.7+
    This add-on brings more details to X-EUROPE, maybe useful for helicopter pilots or low flying captains.
  • VFR-Landmarks
    this is already included in the X-… packages, this is for using the standard scenery or HD Mesh Scenery to improve the look of standard XP with generic visual objects like chimneys, towers, churches, castles and ruins, wind turbines, solar panel fields, flags, lighthouses, windmills, cranes, water towers, tanks, piers and boats, seamarks. Covers the whole world.
  • VFR-Aerials
    this is already included in the X-… packages, this is for using the standard scenery or HD Mesh Scenery, generated from the OSM aerial ways like gondolas and lifts, for those who want to add these objects, e.g. helicopter pilots flying in the Alps. No additional library needed. Covers the whole world.
  • VFR Add-ons
    available for Germany and some European countries these add-ons bring objects from the SketchUp 3D warehouse to your scenery, mainly sightseeing and other remarkable objects. Downloads are available under ‘VFR Addons‘.

Which sceneries are recommended for XP11?

Well, with the release of the X-EUROPE and other packages, I recommend to use only these amazing sceneries and to disable or delete all other things doing nearly the same. To get the best experience, orthos are recommend as they fit perfectly to these packages, see page ‘ortho sceneries’.

Getting the best performance

Having the right order is very important to have the best result. For the order of sceneries in scenery_packs.ini, please refer to FAQ and the included manual. You should even check if other installed packages are really needed.

Disable the antivirus programm for all paths of X-Plane and all sceneries for reading. Make an exception for file protection (read mode) to exclude all paths. Continental sceneries have a huge amount of files inside, this may result in a very large loading time if you don’t follow this rule.


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Downloading sceneries


Covers the continent America (North, Central and South), download is 8.1 GiB, extracted 17.1 GiB


This package covers the continent Africa, download is 3.4 GiB, extracted 7.3 GiB


This package covers the continent Australia and Oceania, download is 677 MB, extracted 1.9 GiB


Covers the continent Antartica, download is 198 MB, extracted 869 MB


Covers the continent Asia, download is 8.0 GiB, extracted 16.9 GiB


X-EUROPE is the scenery package for X-Plane 10/11 having these main features: uses OSM data to ensure the most realistic view including  


This scenery adds generic vfr objects derived from OSM data, i.e. objects like chimneys, radio masts and communication towers, churches,  


This is a special version, containing only the aerial ways derived from OSM data. That means only drag lifts, chair lifts,  

Vegetation Library

This is the global simHeaven vegetation library, needed for continent packages like X-Europe, X-Africa, X-America, X-Asia and X-Australia. Download is 288  
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Here are some screenshots showing X-EUROPE + Ortho4XP scenery: