XP12 Sceneries

Here you will find packages and screenshots for XP12 as soon as the public beta starts. There will be special XP12 versions adapted to the new vegetation. You could still use the XP11 packages in XP12 but showing the old XP11 vegetation.

Sceneries for X-Plane 12

    these are the recommended continental packages for X-Plane12, having already VFR-Landmarks and VFR-Aerials inside. Brings fantastic and stunning look to XP12. The quality is depending on available OSM data. The Vegetation Library has to be installed, no other libraries needed.

  • Vegetation Library
    This is the global simHeaven vegetation library for XP12, needed for continental packages like X-EUROPE, X-AFRICA, X-AMERICA, X-ASIA or X-AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA. Type of vegetation is set according to 5 different climate zones. This Library uses the new vegetation for XP12.

Downloading sceneries

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