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Covers the continent Asia, download is 7.0 GiB, extracted 14.2 GiB


  1. Delete old version,
  2. copy all 8 folders to Custom Scenery,
  3. after starting XP11 adjust position of the 8 new entries.

If you don't have X-EUROPE installed, you need to download and install "simHeaven Vegetation Library"



  • 4-extras boats at piers appear only in water
  • 5-footprints regenerated (OSM + footprints data Dec 5th 2022) - false house objects don't show in water - house objects from solar fields removed
  • 6-scenery regenerated (OSM data Dec 5th 2022)
  • 8-network powerline_tower_tall.obj rights Mac/Linux corrected


  • layers renamed and layers 3 - 8 regenerated (OSM and Microsoft building footprints data Oct 20th 2022)
  • old layer 4-scenery is splitted into new 5-footprints and 6-scenery
  • new layer 0-exclusions added to avoid buildings at airports
  • 3-details objects at airports removed
  • 4-extras boats at piers better adjusted to the piers
  • 5-footprints buildings on runways removed (where OSM airport boundary is set) - buildings in sea changed to anchoring boats
  • 6-scenery noise barrier facades corrected - cooling-tower_20m.obj added - China, Korea and Japan is "osm+autogen", see ReadMe


  • 4-scenery all tiles changed to OSM+MSBF only, no autogen is used anymore
  • 5-forests standard forests (OSM only) now having exclusions over tiles, they missed in 3.0
  • 6-autogen layer removed as autogen is now obsolete
  • 7-network for MAC user, permissions corrected


  • layer 4,5,6,7 adjusted to data boundaries to avoid conflicts with adjacent packages
  • 3a-details regenerated (OSM data May 13th 2022)
  • 3b-extras regenerated (OSM data May 13th 2022) generation of solar fields improved - hedges added
  • 4-scenery regenerated (OSM data May 11th 2022) added new Microsoft building footprints - radome and satellite dishes, bell_towers, town halls, city halls new generated - jehovahs witness churches changed to normal buildings - generation of castles improved - building:part=church removed - ruins improved - noise barriers at bridges removed - buildings in water except boat houses eliminated - bulldozer.obj resized - less red cranes at construction areas
  • 5-forests regenerated (OSM data May 13th 2022)
  • 6-autogen regenerated (OSM data May 13th 2022)
  • 7-network regenerated (OSM data May 13th 2022) subways driving on/above surface added - powerline_tower_tall.obj again fixed


  • texture St-Peter_37x69x73.dds fixed, powerline_tower_tall.obj fixed


  • layer 3 - 7 new, OSM data Nov 27th 2021
  • 3a-details layer added (see layer for description of elements)
  • 3-extras shrubs at nature reserve removed
  • 4-scenery new facades for commercial college retail school university - new: noise-barrier car-repair car-shop furniture shop IKEA fire-station transformer-tower


  • 3-extras completely new - randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced
  • 4-scenery - completely new - crane from quarry areas removed - object silo low 5m added


  • layer 1-vfr with 333 objects added
  • layer 4-scenery new

beta (vfr objects in layer 1-vfr are missing)