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Covers the continent Asia, download is 8.0 GiB, extracted 16.9 GiB


  1. Delete old version,
  2. copy all 8 folders to Custom Scenery,
  3. after starting XP11 adjust position of the 8 new entries.

If you don't have X-EUROPE installed, you need to download and install "simHeaven Vegetation Library"



  • layers 5,6,7 regenerated (OSM + footprints data Mar 12th 2023)
  • 1-vfr Pagcor tower in Manila Phillipines removed - exclusions at WIHH WIPP added
  • 5-footprints objects from quarries removed - objects from water parks removed
  • 6-scenery better processing of building parts - building complexes have the same facades - textures for pools improved
  • 7-forests forests near airports are back


  • 8-network tile exclusions in some tiles corrected - missing aerials like lifts, gondolas are back


  • 7-forests OSM version (default): tile exclusions fixed
  • 8-network tile exclusions fixed


  • all layers regenerated (OSM + footprints data Feb 9th 2023)
  • 0-exclusions layer removed
  • 2-regions layer added - for south of Asia elements from Greece used
  • 4-extras new: biergarten added - new: cemetery added - sailing boats at lakes removed - more trees along residential streets added - vegetation at parks improved
  • 5-footprints objects from airports removed - objects in sea removed - objects in inland water removed - objects from camping sites removed - objects from allotments removed - objects from solar fields removed - objects from roads and railways removed - double objects to layer 6-scenery removed
  • 6-scenery objects from airports removed - smoother distribution across World Objects Density levels - textures for soccer fields and tennis courts improved
  • 8-network missing roads are back