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This scenery adds generic vfr objects derived from OSM data, i.e. objects like chimneys, radio masts and communication towers, churches, mosques, wind turbines, solar panel fields, flags, lighthouses, windmills, cranes, water towers, tanks, castles and ruins, observation towers, campaniles, cooling towers, piers and boats, seamarks.

It is meant for users wanting to add these objects to the standard scenery of X-Plane 11/10 or to HD Mesh Scenery by alpilotx.

File covers entire world (generated 14.338 tiles)


Copy the content of the archive to your custom scenery folder. Newest OpenSceneryX (http://www.opensceneryx.com/) has to be installed in the custom scenery folder.

After starting and ending X-Plane, adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer to FAQ.



  • actualized with OSM data February, 15th 2019
  • more tiles generated (12.582 -> 14.338)
  • compatible to newest OpenSceneryX v3.2.0+ (thanks to Austin G.)
  • no need to run batch to copy objects inside
  • boats on piers corrected, only for marinas and mooring
  • further improvements taken from X-Europe


  • actualized with OSM data December, 15th 2017
  • fixed an error of w2xp which leads to less objects


  • added script to copy external objects into the package
  • adopted library.txt to be compatible with XP11.10+
  • added 4 more castle objects
  • changed cathedral object


  • actualised with OSM data June 2017
  • decreased density of sailing boats on bigger lakes
  • changed tank objects to original XP-objects
  • added silo and cathedral object
  • improved castle, ruin and communcation tower objects
  • fixed object lugano church


  • corrected texture path of object "churches_61.85x66.42_4_lugano.obj"


  • included some R2_Library objects with permission (thanks to Jirka), so no additional R2_Library is needed anymore
  • added castles and ruins (thanks to XP-Flieger for the objects)
  • added seamarks (thanks to Paolo Zamparo)


  • initial version