VFR Addons

Addons for VFR simpilots, improving realism in VFR flights. These addons are best used together with w2xp sceneries and orthographic sceneries made with g2xpl or Ortho4XP.


Europe Library

The Europe Library by LyAvain adds European style objects to your X-Plane 10. Only in Europe, outside XP10 will remain the same. Additionally, you’ll need R2_Library.
Europe Library fits perfectly to w2xp Europe and photo sceneries.

EDQH Herzogenaurach47.6 MiB17.12.16203
Europe Library75.8 MiB18.08.1425435


VFR Objects by Guenther Kremp

The sceneries are addons (for w2xp sceneries), which are generated by Guenther Kremp from the Sketchup 3-D Gallery. A big thanks to all creators of these objects.

This is freeware, but if you like the work of Guenther Kremp and further processing and preparation for X-Plane, send him directly a donation via https://paypal.me/GuentherKremp

VFR-Objects GK +48+009 D Stuttgart452.7 MiB17.01.1711
VFR-Objects GK +49+006 D Trier83.2 MiB09.12.16156
VFR-Objects GK +49+007 D Kaiserslautern56.5 MiB12.12.16124
VFR-Objects GK +49+008 D Mannheim215.4 MiB19.12.1699
VFR-Objects GK +49+009 D Wuerzburg185.2 MiB27.12.1673
VFR-Objects GK +49+010 D Ansbach344.2 MiB02.01.1760
VFR-Objects GK +49+011 D Erlangen60.9 MiB10.01.1724

Published here is Guenthers work v2.0 and up, for downloading previous versions see his files at x-plane.org.