W2XP Sceneries

Please read the information below and the ReadMe of downloaded files carefully as it helps me to give a better support to users having real problems. Refer also to FAQ.
95 % of the normal questions are answered below, so don’t miss to read it. 😉

World2XPlane is a fantastic tool, written by Tony. It is an application for experienced users and under development. It can be used to generate sceneries for X-Plane using data from OpenStreetMap.

Sorry, but the website of world2xplane and also development and distribution of world2xplane has been stopped by the author. Original world-models 0.8.0 moved to x-plane.org.

World2XPlane will add forests, regional houses and landmarks using a list of highly configurable rules. The model library used for regional buildings is opensource and available here below.

BUT: For the w2xp sceneries from simheaven.com you have to install the version from simheaven.com as I made few changes and corrections to the original library made by Tony.

CH_Altenrheinw2xp files and versions

What sceneries are available and which do I need to get the best experience and performance?

  • world-models
    This is needed for all w2xp sceneries, it’s the library for all sceneries (except w2xp_…_net), you have to update to the newest version from simheaven.com. Please refer to the ReadMe for changes.
  • w2xp_… (without any suffix)
    These are the “normal” w2xp sceneries, with smart exclusions included to allow autogen objects where OSM data is poor. Therefore it needs more performance than the osm version.
    These sceneries are available for every single continent, file size may be huge, sorry, for me it’s easier to maintain than partly continent sceneries or for every country.
  • w2xp_Europe_osm
    Only for Europe: This is the osm-only version, they don’t have smart exclusions and autogen objects, containing only objects based on OSM data and have one exclusion per tile to exclude objects from lower sceneries. Best for regions containing high quality osm data.
  • w2xp_Europe_mix
    Only for Europe: This is a mixed and the recommended version for Europe, it is a mix between the normal and the osm version of Europe. Osm version is used in a rectangular of +45-007 (southwest of France) and +54+016 (northeast of Germany), where OSM data is pretty good. Outside of the rectangular is the normal version with smart exclusions and additional autogen objects used. This will be the future version of Europe.
  • w2xp_…._net
    This version only have the network inside, you can add easily to your existing sceneries, all network from sceneries below is disabled. Normal flyers don’t need it!! So don’t install with this exception: You want to add network derived from newest osm data, roads, power lines, gondolas, drag lifts and so on.
  • w2xp_…._aerials
    This is a very reduced w2xp_xxx_net, containing only the aerial ways like gondolas and lifts, for those who want to keep roads from standard XP files or HD Mesh Scenery, but want to add these objects, mainly helicopter pilots.
  • Third party libraries
    These are needed to get w2xp sceneries running. Please refer to the ReadMe in the archive for further information which library to install and where to download.

Getting the best performance

For Europe, you could also mix the osm version with the normal version by yourself, just by copying the dsf files.Central Europe (B, D, F, NL) has a very good OSM quality (for me sometimes to much for processing all the gigs of data), so I prefer the osm version in Central Europe and the normal version in the rest of Europe. Now the recommended mixed version is available.

If you use w2xp_Europe (with autogen objects) it’s a good idea to install the Europe_Library, which changes autogen (American style) objects to European style objects as you already have in this scenery for all objects generated of osm data.

Please use only one version of w2xp/osm sceneries: normal, osm or your own mixed version. Disable other versions you don’t need. Otherwise you’ll get incredible loading times. Disable also all other OSM sceneries. I’ve seen users having six nearly same sceneries installed and complained about loading times. 😉

Installing the sceneries is simple, just extract and copy the content of the downloaded archives into custom scenery folder, then start X-Plane and after ending X-Plane adjust the position of the entries in the scenery_packs.in, that’s it.

Having the right order is very important to have the best result. For the order of sceneries in scenery_packs.ini, please refer to FAQ.

If you discover performance lacks, try to decrease the settings for objects and roads. The higher the settings the more objects you get. Better fly with less objects running fast than many many objects running one frame per second. 😉

Disable the antivirus programm for all paths of X-Plane and all sceneries for reading. Make an exception for file protection (read mode) to exclude all paths. w2xp sceneries have a huge amount of files inside, this may result in a very large loading time if you don’t follow this.


Now you’ve read the whole stuff and have the most important information, you can go on with the download. If you like the sceneries and my work, buy me a beer. 😉

W2xp Africa313.8 MiB10.12.164851
W2xp Africa Aerials1.4 MiB18.02.161517
W2xp Africa Net184.4 MiB18.02.16820
W2xp America722.6 MiB06.12.1613455
W2xp America Aerials1.5 MiB18.02.162121
W2xp America Net1.5 GiB18.02.162182
W2xp Antarctica15.0 MiB03.12.162878
W2xp Antarctica Net4.7 MiB18.02.16608
W2xp Asia789.4 MiB09.12.169509
W2xp Asia Aerials1.4 MiB18.02.161052
W2xp Asia Net790.4 MiB18.02.161268
W2xp Australia-Oceania94.1 MiB03.12.164770
W2xp Australia-Oceania Aerials1.4 MiB18.02.161577
W2xp Australia-Oceania Net65.4 MiB18.02.161282
W2xp Europe3.2 GiB26.04.1617809
W2xp Europe Aerials1.7 MiB29.11.163396
W2xp Europe Mix3.3 GiB03.12.168814
W2xp Europe Net1.4 GiB18.02.162852
W2xp Europe Osm3.2 GiB09.07.1611338
W2xp World-models82.8 MiB18.02.1633697


Here are some screenshots showing photo sceneries ZL17 (Ortho4XP) and w2xp sceneries. If you haven’t installed photo sceneries, the result may look different.