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X-EUROPE is the scenery package for X-Plane 10/11 having these main features:

  • uses OSM data to ensure the most realistic view
  • configurable library system to change/add objects easily
  • special objects in the Alps region, Northern Germany, UK/Ireland, Norway/Scandinavia, Greece and Mediterranean
  • 3D warehouse objects
  • splitted forests at motorways and railways for OSM areas
  • many new objects are generated
  • 8 different layers

Note: Download size is 7.9 GB, extracted 16.8 GB of disk space needed, extract archive using 7-Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (MacOS X) or XArchiver (Linux).

You need the Vegetation Library!!


Delete older versions. then copy the content of the archive (8 folders) to your custom scenery folder. After starting and ending X-Plane, adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer to the manual.

You need the Vegetation Library!!

If you are using ortho sceneries you may change the library.txt in layer 4-scenery (see manual).

And please read the Manual.

Fixes will be published at https://simheaven.com/faq/



all layers regenerated, layers 3,5,6,7 OSM data Jan 3rd 2022, layer 4 Jan 10th 2022

  • 1-vfr  51 new objects in Denmark, Germany and Sweden
  • 3a-details  layer added (was previously available as an extra download)
  • 3b-extras  layer 3-extras renamed to 3b-extras
  • 4-scenery  new: fire stations, car dealer, car repair, furniture shops and IKEAs - hospital.fac corrected for lower buildings - some new residential objects - Belgium changed to "OSM only"


  • 1-vfr The_Fishermen's_Bastion Budapest Hungary corrected, 3 new objects at Regensburg Germany
  • 3-extras completely new, shrubs at nature reserve removed
  • 4-scenery Hungary new and changed to "osm+autogen", new retail, school/college, commerce facades added
  • 6-autogen Hungary added


  • 1-vfr added Walhalla Donaustauf + Befreiungshalle Kelheim Germany, inserted exclusion at EHAM Amsterdam to avoid double towers
  • 5-forests corrected 2 corrupt tiles +45+009 +47+007


  • 1-vfr:  81 new objects
  • 4-scenery:  completely new building levels in villages adapted new: noise barriers, colleges, transformer towers
  • 5-forests:  +48/49... updated


  • 5-forests: completely new, orchards corrected


  • 1-vfr: 3 new objects
  • 3-extras: completely new randomly placed solar modules by regular solar fields replaced
  • 4-scenery: completely new crane from quarry areas removed object low silo 5m added


  • 1-vfr 3 new objects in Nantes, France
  • 4-scenery libraries corrected


  • 3-extras completely new
  • 4-scenery completely new flags corrected, now according wind direction objects inside service streets are generated cooling towers in 4 sizes
  • 5-forests completely new 2 versions - osm as default and osm+autogen
  • 6-autogen completely new
  • 7-network completely new


  • corrected library for a better performance


  • added world region to library to prevent errors outside the defined region


  • region defined by bitmaps to be compatible with other continents
  • added objects to replace OpenSceneryX
  • network mods included
  • minor changes, see changelog in layer 4-scenery


  • 1-vfr 24 new objects, 2 corrected
  • 2-regions farm facades adapted to regions
  • 4-scenery completely new corrected preprocessing which lead to missing height tags and thus smaller objects and buildings in v5.2 complex buildings (building:part in OSM) now generated tanks and wastewater bassins should be complete now default height for wind turbines (no height in OSM) set to 50m some towers (missing tower:type in OSM) not generated public.fac improved, Schiff.obj scaled


  • 1-vfr Germany Burg Hohenzollern corrected France Grenoble Stade de Alpes added Belgium Leper St_Martin_s_Cathedral white space corrected


  • 1-vfr   278 new objects added (mainly GB and Eastern Europe, see list)
  • 2-regions folder objects cleaned up
  • 3-extras completely new vegetation at underground water eliminated
  • 4-scenery completely new Fly Agis asynchronous wind-turbines added generation of building:part objects slightly changed tiles +50+002, +51+004, +51+005 now "OSM only" new farm and hotel facades folder objects cleaned up
  • 5-forests updated tile +47+007 (was missing forest near Grenchen)
  • 6-autogen tiles +50+002, +51+004, +51+005 (now OSM only) removed
  • 7-network completely new generation of power lines slightly changed


  • 2-regions parking facade corrected (has lead to errors when renaming folders)
  • 4-scenery 170 updated tiles +43+006 to +54+022 (only OSM area)


  • initial release