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X-EUROPE is the scenery package for X-Plane 10/11 having these main features:

  • uses OSM data to ensure the most realistic view
  • configurable library system to change/add objects easily
  • integrated FlyAgi Vegetation and SAM Seasons (now in extra folder)
  • special objects in the Alps region, Northern Germany, UK/Ireland, Norway/Scandinavia, Greece and Mediterranean
  • 3D warehouse objects
  • splitted forests at motorways and railways for OSM areas
  • many new objects are generated
  • 7 different layers

Note: Download size is appr. 6.2 GB, extracted 11.8 GB of disk space needed, extract archive using 7-Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (for MacOS X).


Delete older versions. then copy the content of the archive (8 folders) to your custom scenery folder. After starting and ending X-Plane, adjust the order of entries in scenery_packs.ini, refer to the manual.

You may have to install or upgrade to the latest OpenSceneryX library!

If you are using ortho sceneries you may change the library.txt in layer 4-scenery (see manual).

And please read the Manual.

Fixes will be published at https://simheaven.com/faq/



  • 2-regions parking facade corrected (has lead to errors when renaming folders)
  • 4-scenery 170 updated tiles +43+006 to +54+022 (only OSM area)


  • initial release