New add-on for standard XP11/10

Introducing the new ‘w2xp_Europe_objects VFR-Landmarks’ which is meant for XP11 users (and XP10 too) with standard scenery or HD Mesh Scenery v3 installed to improve the look of XP with visual objects like chimneys, radio masts and communication towers, churches, mosques, wind turbines, solar panel fields, flags, lighthouses, windmills, cranes, water towers, tanks, observation towers, campaniles, cooling towers, piers and boats.

It doesn’t influence performance, files installed are only 117 MB, 43 MB to download. It uses a library, so changing or adding objects is fast and easy. Refer to the ReadMe if you want to do so. Download at

Screenshots using objects version and XP11 standard scenery:

Upcoming updates for w2xp net and aerials version

The next days some updates are upcoming for the net and the aerials version. Some things are added and some fixed, please see changelog.

Changes to w2xp_xxx_aerials:

  • actualised with actual OSM data
  • added aerialways for mixed_lift, t-bar and goods
  • deleted not necessary files in objects
  • combined all continents to one world scenery
    (if you only need a special area, delete the rest)

Changes to w2xp_xxx_net:

  • actualised with actual OSM data
  • fixed railways and power lines
  • added aerialways for mixed_lift, t-bar and goods
  • deleted not necessary files in objects

VFR addons

VFR Addons provide you with addons especially for VFR pilots, improving realism in VFR flights. These addons are best used together with w2xp and orthographic sceneries.

VFR objects

Guenther Kremps VFR objects made of Sketchup 3-D Gallery are hosted here. Preference for VFR flights to increase the realism of the landscape.


Airport EDQH Herzogenaurach

This is a conversion from a fsx scenery made by Holger Janssen I had reworked with WED and OE for XP10/11. Herzogenaurach is the GA airport NW of Nuremberg, Germany.

Download all at VFR addons