changes to download manager

Still having had problems to sync files with ftp servers, I decided to change the downloader plugin as you already may have seen at the xp11 page. The next days I will change all other files.

Downloads per continents are now grouped together (Forests, w2xp sceneries, w2xp sceneries net).

Even if the date assumes these files are new, there aren’t and there’s no need to download files again. The latest uploads were the Forests and VFR-Landmarks sceneries uploaded October 28.

Final checks before takeoff

EDDH_holdStanding at holding point, doing the final checks before take off.

Having uploaded osm sceneries in total. We’ve written some scripts during long nights to make simHeaven life easier, adopted graphics and so on. 🙂

Now let’s do a final check with few users, then simHeaven is open to public! 🙂