Screenshots World2XPlane b4

Screenshots showing photo sceneries ZL17 and osm sceneries made with World2XPlane beta4. You can download sceneries at You have to download also world-models-master_beta4.7z and have R2_Library and OpenSceneryX installed.


Update of OSM sceneries

As OSM data increased by 20 percent, mainly in the US and Europe, there is an update available for OSM sceneries.


LOD was lowered to 15.000, this should increase performance. If you want to change LOD, edit the .fac files in the facades folder.

For downloading, please refer to the OSM section.
For new screenshots see the top of the Gallery.

Patch and updates for “City Areas” photo sceneries when you’re using “HDv2-based dsf for photo sceneries”

Now there is also a patch file available for “City Areas” (short Area) and want to use “HDv2-based dsf for photo sceneries”.

This patch is needed with the new “HDv2-based dsf for photo sceneries”, in some photo sceneries there are few parts missing if you use it and X-Plane quits. This patch contains the missing parts and also the dsf files.

All City Area files making use of HDv2-based dsf (i.e. 69 area files) will be updated the next days, it is just to keep photo sceneries up-to-date, there are no new images. In these new files HDv2 is already set on. If you have performance problems, please copy in the Earth nav folder xxxxxxx_SD.dsf to xxxxxxx.dsf.

If you’ve already downloaded photo sceneries, use “HDv2-based dsf for photo sceneries” and have the patch file for these tiles, you DON’T NEED to download these tiles again, because you already have it!

Also if you don’t use HD-Mesh v2, you don’t need the patch or the updated files!