New w2xp sceneries (beta 6.0) available

The newly generated w2xp ready-made sceneries for all European countries are now available for download. XP 10.30 or higher NEEDED!

There are 2 versions: SD version with reduced objects and LOD of 10 km for facades and HD version with LOD of 18 km, and many smaller objects as parked cars and caravans, tractors, fire hydrants, bus stops, haylofts, shrub/hedgerows, sheeps and so on.

Download at

The performance of the SD version should be 30% better than HD, depending on your hardware, sceneries, aircraft, settings.

You have to install all necessary libraries and world-models_beta6.0 (just copy all to Custom Scenery folder), and to adjust your scenery_packs.ini after installation. Please refer to READ_BEFORE_INSTALLATION.txt in the download folder.

Have fun flying! :)

Screenshots World2XPlane b4

Screenshots showing photo sceneries ZL17 and osm sceneries made with World2XPlane beta4. You can download sceneries at You have to download also world-models-master_beta4.7z and have R2_Library and OpenSceneryX installed.


Update of OSM sceneries

As OSM data increased by 20 percent, mainly in the US and Europe, there is an update available for OSM sceneries.


LOD was lowered to 15.000, this should increase performance. If you want to change LOD, edit the .fac files in the facades folder.

For downloading, please refer to the OSM section.
For new screenshots see the top of the Gallery.