X-WORLD for XP12

X-Plane 12 is already in early access and maybe you wait for the new versions of my packages for XP12 as announced earlier. Well, I had all ready to publish, but meanwhile new Microsoft building footprints were published and I found a way to avoid buildings on runways and to change buildings in water to anchoring boats, both wrong buildings are coming from the MS building footprints.

I do hope these changes are probably worth waiting some days more. I’ve been working on the new versions for XP12 AND XP11 for 4 – 5 weeks day and night, but processing of > 200 GiB of data needs much time. Hopefully this weekend Europe will be published, next is America ca. mid of October, others will follow.

Second thing is, that I decided to rename the packages for XP12 to avoid confusion for you and me, the upcoming updates for XP11 (which are probably the last updates for XP11) are keeping the names like X-Europe, X-America etc. and for the new versions for XP12 the name changes to X-WORLD.

Preview of the upcoming X-WORLD Europe for XP12

X-WORLD continues for X-Plane 12 the successful and high quality sceneries for X-Plane 11 like X-Europe, X-America etc., objects are not set by autogen rules, they are set following OSM data in addition with Microsoft building footprints, which leads to a more realistic look and feel. The new X-WORLD Vegetation Library is needed, each continental package is available separately :