changes to download manager

Still having had problems to sync files with ftp servers, I decided to change the downloader plugin as you already may have seen at the xp11 page. The next days I will change all other files.

Downloads per continents are now grouped together (Forests, w2xp sceneries, w2xp sceneries net).

Even if the date assumes these files are new, there aren’t and there’s no need to download files again. The latest uploads were the Forests and VFR-Landmarks sceneries uploaded October 28.

XP11.10 updates for VFR-Landmarks and Forests sceneries

To be compatible with X-Plane 11.10+ and the changes of the library system, there are small updates available for the VFR-Landmarks and the Forests sceneries.

You don’t need to download all the stuff, just the update files. After downloading, extract the update to the scenery folder, run the script which copies referenced files outside the scenery (which I’m not allowed to publish) into the scenery, that’s it! There is a script for Windows and a script for Linux (thanks to Daniel).

For more information, please refer to the included ReadMe file.

Update for simHeaven_VFR-Landmarks (4 MB, 4 more castles):

Update for simHeaven_Forests_xxx (3 kB): XP11.10+.7z

New simHeaven Forests available

This scenery replaces the forests of XP11 with forests, orchards, vineyards, tree lines and trees derived from OSM data. For the objects, original forests and trees of XP11 are used, so there is no additional library necessary.

Best for use of photo sceneries, but even with standard scenery this could be a win, try out and see. Original forests of XP11 are excluded for all covered tiles, but autogen trees in cities still remain visible.

No additional library needed, should be compatible with XP10 too.
Download at

Screenshots of the Rhine Valley, the Alps and Innsbruck:


Update VFR-Landmarks v17.6

Just uploaded an update for the VFR-Landmarks:

  • actualized with OSM data June 2017
  • decreased density of sailing boats on bigger lakes
  • changed tank objects to original XP-objects
  • added silo and cathedral object
  • improved castle, ruin and communcation tower objects
  • fixed object lugano church

Download covers the entire world with 12,582 generated tiles. For installation refer to the ReadMe file in the download.