Flying the Mediterranean – X-EUROPE 4.4

More #stayathome times, so Peter, Sven and me had more time to do another update – v4.4 is online. We focussed on the Mediterranean area, some hundred new objects, few new churches and facades change completely the view from cockpit. Fly at the coast line of Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia. discover how beautiful the landscape is, see some examples here:

The version 4.4 is available as an update file 4.3.1 to 4.4 (78 MB) on FAQ.

The full download (7.6 GB) you can get here:


Due to #stayathome times, Peter, Sven and me had time to do another update. We focussed on layer 4-forests and 5-scenery and added some new vfr objects to layer 1-vfr. For a complete changelog, refer to the actual manual.

Amongst other things, we added wastewater plants to the scenery, that are easy to spot from air, it looks like this:

For users having v4.2.1 there is an update file (2.6 GB) available on FAQ.

The full download you can get here:

BTW: If someone is able and willing to do a promo video with all new things and highlights (3 – 5 min, in 4k), please contact me!

New version 4.2 of X-EUROPE

During the last months we worked hard for the next update, now it is finished and online, only available as full download, download size is 7,6 GB (expanded 14,6 GB), download at

I would be happy to get some feedback and/or you may consider about a donation if you like the work. If you discover any issue, please send me a mail.

These are some of the new superb facades:

For changelog and description, please refer to the download page.

X-EUROPE 4 is out

The next release after 3 months of work, X-EUROPE 4 is ready to download. This is a major update with many many improvements using the latest OSM data:

  • SAM Seasons integrated
  • new: regions Norway/Scandinavia + Greece plus landmarks
  • new: grass polygons from OSM
  • corrected generation to avoid trees in water
  • breakwater polygons near Kastrup manually deleted
  • improved generation of forests, should be complete now
  • new standard facades and houses, churches, supermarket and wall facades
  • new: extra facades for hospital dormitory hotel kiosk temple government university service sports_hall kindergarten public school train_station transportation conservatory grandstand pavilion
  • new: parking for heavy goods vehicles
  • underground platforms and garages deleted
  • huge polygons (for castles etc.) deleted
  • new: fountains
  • all LODs from objects commented out for better performance of XP11.41
  • height of additional houses adapted to area
  • additional forest in GB deleted

Three remarks:

  1. You have to install or upgrade to the latest OpenSceneryX library
  2. if you are using ortho sceneries please change the library.txt in layer 5-scenery
  3. remove FlyAgi Vegetation library if installed (this is inside)

And please read the Manual. 😉 

Download size is 8.2 GB (expanded 15.4 GB), download at