Happy new year – with new continents and updates

We just started the New Year 2021, and I bring some good news: 4 updates and 2 new continents.

First, X-Europe, X-America, X-Africa and X-Australia was updated, a world region as a backup was implemented to prevent errors outside the package, see (small) update files on FAQ.

Next, the last two continents are ready to download:

  • X-ANTARCTICA (well, this is not really the most interesting continent) and
  • X-ASIA which is available as beta version, i.e. layers 3 – 7 are final, only layer 1-vfr is missing

See some 4k Screenshots from Dubai, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, Irkutsk, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai, Jakarta… this continent is really huge, covering over 6,000 tiles per layer 😊

And few 4k screenshots from the X-ANTARCTICA, using Antarctic Sceneries from Maps2XPlane

Xmas gift – new continents

In these difficult times I have a xmas gift for you, maybe you can have fun with 3 new continental packages I set just online

  • X-AFRICA v1.0,
  • X-AMERICA v1.0 and

You need to install the Vegetation Library. If you have installed X-EUROPE you’ll need the update 5.3.1, available as update file 5.3 to 5.3.1 or as full download.

See some 4k screenshots of the new packages:

Select and download the new continents here:

Enjoy flying the new sceneries, happy holidays! 😀

X-EUROPE 5.3, Seasons, Mods


X-EUROPE was updated to v5.3, available as full download or update file from 5.2/5.2.1 to 5.3. Main features are in layer 4-scenery: I’ve corrected the preprocessing which lead in v5.2 to missing height tags and thus smaller objects and buildings and new: complex buildings (building:part in OSM) are now generated.

This version will be the blueprint for next upcoming scenery packages, starting X-AFRICA and then X-AMERICA

X-EUROPE Seasons

The download was updated to 5.3, which covers new VFR objects in layer 1-vfr.

X-EUROPE Network Mods

There is a modification for the network available to change vegetation and tunnel objects along highways. In the default network (this is roads_EU.net from XP11) highways may have trees along highways:

Using the mod you can change the vegetation to bushes:

Or eliminiate the vegetation along highways, which is my prefered option:

The second mod, sometimes at tile borders you may see tunnels where in reality no tunnel is:

Using the mod you can eliminate the tunnel objects:

In the download of Network mods, the mods are set by default to no vegetation and no tunnels. If you use this mod, please send me a feedback, as I would like to include these mods into X-EUROPE.