w2xp sceneries 2016

Important: Before downloading and installing all new stuff, please take 5 min and read this post and the linked page to get an idea what you need and what not to get the best performance and user experience for your flights in X-Plane 10. And you get very useful information to get XP10 running smoothly:

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CH_WalenseeI’ve finished an update of all w2xp sceneries with lot of improvements:

  • actual data Feb, 2016
  • one file per continent
  • added new buildings for South europe
  • added gantry and portal cranes
  • added wooden piers with ships at piers
  • added platforms and roofs
  • deleted objects at most airports
  • corrected LODs
  • some improved facades
  • solar panel fields
  • added cable car, gondola, drag lift

See some examples for new objects introduced in the 2016 w2xp sceneries:

piers with boats

gantry and portal cranes

railway platforms with roofs


gondolas and lifts

solar panel fields