Major updates on final approach

200 GiB of data were processed over the last 4 weeks, in pre-, main- and post-processing, a stressful time for the computer and me, it worked day and night and generated a total of 112,969 tiles. Many, many buildings (almost a billion in total) were added from Microsoft Building Footprints (MSBF) AFTER matching with OSM, about one third OSM, two thirds MSBF:

510,265,762 buildings from OSM
907,043,878 buildings from MSBF
1,417,309,640 total buildings
Catania, Italy (4k screenshot of X-EUROPE 5.9)

Layer 4-scenery – containing the buildings – has increased dramatically: date
X-EUROPE2,65 GiB4,08 GiB+54%mainly MSBF in Southern, Eastern and
Northern Europe are added
X-AFRICA1,18 GiB2,26 GiB+92%For 4 countries MSBF were
already included in 2.0.1
X-AMERICA2.83 GiB3.80 GiB+34%For Northern and partly Southern America
were MSBF already included in 2.0.1
X-ASIA1,36 GiB4,50 GiB+330%totally insane 😊06/12/2022
unchanged as MSBF were
already included in 2.0.1
X-ANTARCTICAunchanged (no MSBF 😉)06/10/2022
Manila, Philippines (4k screenshot of X-ASIA 3.0)