X-EUROPE 5 is out

This full update has many improvements using the latest OSM data:

  • new region Northern Germany (new objects and facades)
  • new region UK/Ireland (only roof colours adapted)
  • improved generation of layers (scenery and forests changed position)
  • service streets (even in airports) removed
  • more precise settings of buildings
  • new generated layer 3 – 7
  • now Ortho overlays needed for OSM+autogen areas
Emden in Northern Germany

Download size is 6.2 GB (expanded 11.8 GB)

  1. delete older versions of X-Europe
  2. download at https://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe-5/
  3. “simHeaven_Vegetation_Library” is one time included in the download file v5.0 to prevent errors and mails asking for help 😉

And please read the Manual.